Smooth Reading Progress Indicator for WordPress Website

Smooth Scroll the page and keep an eye on the top of the webpage ??

ReBar is a useful Reading Progress Indicator for WordPress Website for improving User Experience during a blog post reading. This plugin adds a Progress Bar to the top or bottom of the page. As you read the post or scroll the page, the Reading Progress Bar is filled with the color or beautiful gradient. Such indicators are very useful for long Posts and Articles to help readers understand how far they are from finishing the article.

Reading Progress Indicator for WordPress tested and compatible with All Major WP Plugins: Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, W3 Total Cache, NextGen Gallery, Slider Revolution, WooCommerce, WPML, etc. It also works perfectly and improves the user experience with popular Website Page Builders, like Elementor, Visual Composer, Gutenberg, Beaver Builder, Divi, Themify Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder, Layers WP, and many others.

This page is used Reading Progress Bar for WordPress - ReBar
ReBar works great with all popular WordPress Themes and Templates

Does not matter which browser users view your site. Reading Progress Indicator for WordPress Themes works well on Mobile, Tablet or Desktop PC. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Edge or even the outdated versions of Internet Explorer – in all browsers, visitors will get an incredible reading progress experience. And this is especially important if your site has many long pages, such as a Blog, Portfolio, Corporate Website, eCommerce Project, Creative Agency, Real Estate Listing, Personal CV, a Restaurant or Retail Company, etc.

The Plugin works perfectly with all major WordPress frameworks: Genesis, Divi, Themify, Warp 7, Ultimatum, Beans, Unyson, Gantry, and others.

  • Easy to use: Install & Go
  • Works with all WordPress Themes
  • Perfect for RTL direction
  • Show the Reading Progress Indicator only on certain pages
  • Easy to customize

In 2010, 80% of the viewing time was spent above the fold. Today, that number is only 57% — likely a consequence of the pervasiveness of long pages. What does that mean?

First, it could be that, overall, designers are doing a good job of creating signifiers to counteract the illusion of completeness and to invite people to scroll. In other words, they are aware of the disadvantages of the long page and mitigate them to some extent. Second, it could mean that users have become conditioned to scroll — the prevalence of pages requiring scrolling has ingrained that behavior in us.

The Plugin works perfectly with all major WordPress frameworks: Genesis, Divi, Themify, TeslaThemes, Warp 7, Gantry Framework, Ultimatum, Beans, Unyson, Gantry, Headway, and others.

@ Dmitry Merkulov

At least to some extent. People still don’t scroll a lot — they rarely go beyond the third screenful of info. Basically, the fold as a barrier has been pushed down to the third screenful — 8 years ago, 80% of the viewing time was spent in the first screenful of info (above the fold); today, 81% of the viewing time is spent in the first three screenfuls of information.

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This page is used Reading Progress Bar for WordPress - ReBar
Reading progress indicator with completely cross-browser support

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8 gorgeous pre-designed reading progress indicator styles

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This page is used Reading Progress Bar for WordPress - ReBar
Reading progress bar is fully compatible with Gutenberg Editor

However, I much fear his instructions have edified out of their place, and taught men to grow wiser in certain points where he never intended they should; for it is lamentable to behold with what a lazy scorn many of the yawning readers in our age do now-a-days twirl over forty or fifty pages of preface and dedication (which is the usual modern stint), as if it were so much Latin. Though it must be also allowed, on the other hand, that a very considerable number is known to proceed critics and wits by reading nothing else. Into which two factions I think all present readers may justly be divided.

While modern webpages tend to be long and include negative space, and users may be more inclined to scroll than in the past, people still spend most of their viewing time in the top part of a page. Content prioritization is a key step in your content-planning process. Strong visual signifiers can sometimes entice users to scroll and discover content below the fold. To determine the ideal page length, test with real users, and keep in mind that very long pages increase the risk of losing the attention of your customers.